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What are the CBD Laws in South Africa?
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24 July 2022

CBD Laws in South Africa

CBD preparations, which are products containing less than 20mg per daily dose of CBD are now allowed to be sold and are exempt from the Schedules to the Medicines Act.

See: Government Gazette  No. R. 586 – Department of Health – Medicines and Related Substances Act, 1965 (ACT No. 101 of 1965) – 22 May 2020

Certain processed hemp and cannabis seeds products may be sold. CBD containing medicinal products that have been excluded from the Schedules to the Medicines Act in terms of the Exclusion Notice may also be sold in general outlets, including health shops, and from pharmacies. CBD as an additive or ingredient is not permissible in foodstuffs. Only the naturally occurring trace amounts are allowed in foodstuffs. 


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Mystic Monk

Mystic Monk

This amazing place’s team has built various structures including playgrounds, stairwells across the valley, greenhouse tunnels, and animal pens.  From toddlers to adolescents the Church provides spiritual guidance, support, daycare, junior and adolescent recreation rooms, a library, meals, and care for a variety of animals.  They have resident peacocks, geese, ducks, and a very special 20-year-old tortoise named Esmeralda. 

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