About Us

The Green Mammoth is a great little retail store in the heart of the beautiful Gordon’s Bay. Located in a quiet alleyway in the Old Cape Mall, we celebrate all things cannabis and aim to educate and break the negative stigmas associated with the plant.

Affiliated to Grow one Africa, an industry leader who, in their words, “we are a group of like-minded, community-orientated, cannabis enthusiasts that are contributing to SA’s economy by creating jobs, paying taxes, and building a sustainable green agri-economy by using cannabis as a spearhead crop.”

We are also a firm supporter of Fields of Green For All which has been behind the long and hard drive towards legislation in South Africa.

Besides the fact that cannabis is still heavily stigmatized, the plant, with its ancient roots in textiles, and medicine, has been and is being studied by modern medicine. The plant has already been found useful in certain modern-day ailments with Both THC and CBD proving to have benefits for specific ailments.

Unit 16 Old Cape Mall
33 Beach Road
Gordon’s Bay

If you are a keen canna gardener or are interested in alternative health including CBD, or maybe just want to try the amazing range of medical mushroom tinctures or health preparations we have in stock, you can now buy online or visit our store. We stock fabulous cannabis clothing and apparel, not to mention an awesome range of bongs and pipes.

The Green Mammoth is also affiliated as an Educator with IntroCann and Cannabis Clinics which offer Medicinal Cannabis through Section 21 SAHPRA Registered Medical Doctors to Section 21 SAHPRA Registered Cannabis Patients. This 100% legal service is approved for conditions such as MS, Insomnia, Chronic Pain, and Epilepsy, to name but a few conditions.

Every day we learn new things about CBD, cannabis, the endocannabinoid system, etc., and believe that the legalisation, legislation, and regulation of high-quality cannabis would open the doors to economic stimulus, job creation, medicine, and research.

And if you feel like hanging out for a while, we have a private members’ lounge to chill in. At the Green Mammoth in Gordon’s Bay, there is so much About Us.

Join our community today. Better together.