Dog Treats – CBD

15 Medium Bones (175-185g) with 15 Medium Bones (175-185g) with Yoghurt Frosting Detail.


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Dog Treats - CBD.

What are the benefits of giving CBD products to my dog? CBD can be very effective in treating animals with pain and inflammation, anxiety, separation anxiety, seizures, epilepsy, cancers, tumors, arthritis, skin conditions, as well as allergies.

Our CBD hemp treats are tasty, all handmade in small batches, using only the finest, world-class ingredients.

Every day there are new medical discoveries about hemp. Hemp and Canna Oils are naturally occurring compounds, present in the plants and derived from the hemp plant.

Our treats are rich in CBD Isolate, Terpenes, and MCT Coconut Oil. They are THC free and cause zero psychoactive effects. The healing ability from this oil is used to help a wide variety of symptoms your dog may be experiencing.

My dog has allergies and is allergic to wheat, can they be made gluten-free? The CBD treats are not gluten or wheat free, however, some of our furry clients that have allergies, have found they can still take the treats and that their skin conditions (itchiness, dryness, flaking) have actually improved.

Will my pet get high from taking this product? No, not a chance. There are zero psychoactive ingredients in our products, therefore making it impossible to get high from any From The Barkery products.

How much CBD is in one dog treat? 5mg CBD per biscuit. The biscuit can be broken in half for a lower dose

Are your products certified? Yes, all of our CBD products are third-party certified and carry a Certificate of Analysis. At From The Barkery, we manufacture all of our own products in Cape Town. Our CBD is imported from the USA and carries a Certificate of Analysis. We do not purchase pre-made lab products. That way, we know exactly what goes into our products, how they are made, and know that our furries are getting an excellent quality product

How many treats do I give my dog? We always recommend starting off by giving less and building up to the recommended amount and desired effect. Again, all dogs are different and some may need more, some less, in order to achieve the desired effect.

There are 15 Treats in a bag (+-175g). Each treat contains 5mg CBD (which is a relatively high amount). They can be broken in half for smaller dosage.
<10kg ½ a treat, twice a day <20Kg 1 treat, twice a day <30Kg 2 treats, twice a day >40kg + – 3 treats, twice a day

*One packet contains 15 biscuits (175g)* *Contains all-natural peanut butter – not suitable for peanut allergy sufferers*

Protein 17.9g/Per 100g – Fat 17.8g/Per 100g – Moisture 6.36g/Per 100g – Ash 1.39g/Per 100g – Energy Value 503 kCal/Per 100g – Energy Value 2111 kJ/Per 100g

Our CBD Dog Treats can be taken in conjunction with the Tincture, as an added benefit, or alone without tincture. Dog Treats are not recommended to be given to cats.

We recommend sticking to THC-free products for animals and only use a full spectrum, under the guidance of a Vet.


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