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Eleuthero Powder is one of the most valued and extensively used medicines in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Eleuthero is a superb tonic root that aids in promoting balance in the body, as well as preventing and treating different ailments.

Increases physical strength and endurance
Focuses the mind
Endocrine supporter


In the 16th century, Li Shih-Chen, a pharmacologist and physician wrote a 52-volume manuscript documenting over 10,000 substances used to support health.

But there was one herb that stood out to him. When it came to the herb eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng) He said, “I would rather take a handful of eleuthero than a cartload of gold and jewels.

Soviet Union

Eleuthero has been used extensively in traditional Chinese medicine for millennia, yet was barely noticed by the rest of the world until Russian researchers began studying it in the 1960s. Impressed with its incredible benefits, eleuthero was used in the Soviet Union to support worker productivity, strengthen their army, make champion athletes in the Olympics, and was even taken into space by soviet astronauts who consumed it on a regular basis.

Eleuthero’s benefits are powerful when it comes to protecting and nourishing the body to maintain good health. This plant owes its common name - Siberian ginseng - to its ginseng-like properties and effects such as strengthening the body, enhancing performance, and its ability to give a tremendous boost to sexual vigour and function.

Although they have similar benefits and usage, modern research shows that eleuthero is not related to American ginseng or Panax ginseng. Eleuthero has its own set of phytochemicals that act similar to those in true ginsengs (ginsenosides).

In Traditional Chinese Medicine its action is to invigorate physical energy, regulate vigour, strengthen the skeleton and tendons, and increase one's ambition. As a motivational herb, Siberian Ginseng is hard to beat – there isn’t much else that can deliver so much wonderful, raw energy. For this reason, it was given to many Siberian warriors right before battle as it is stimulating one’s energy level within minutes of consumption — and increases vitality over time.


It is also famous as an adaptogenic herb, thus aiding humans in handling stress and increasing mental and physical endurance.


Research has also proven that this amazing herb can increase mental sharpness, and act as a general neuroprotector for neurodegenerative disorders like Parkinson’s disease. Research also points to improved oxygen utilization as a mechanism behind the documented improvement in endurance that so regularly comes with the consumption of Siberian ginseng. Other measured enhancements include improved cardiovascular function and improved glycogen metabolism.

This revered herb may not be classified as true ginseng, but studies carried out on eleuthero root globally substantiate its comparability to real ginseng in its historical use in Siberian, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese culture.

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