Energy Tincture

Having sustained or boosted energy is something that we all need in certain times when we face imbalances in our lives or are dealing with challenges that are more energetically demanding. This combination of energy enhancers, stimulants, and adaptogens will aid in promoting energy that does not severely tax the adrenals or endocrine system. 

  1. Increases natural energy levels
  2. Promotes vitality
  3. Antioxidant-rich
  4. Nutrient-dense
  5. Adaptogenic



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Energy Tincture comes in a 30ml Glass bottle with a Pipette for accurate dosing.

Yerba Mate: Rich in antioxidants and nutrients, it has long been used as an energy and mental performance booster. Containing some levels of caffeine (less than coffee) it aids in energy levels which can be sustained due to nutrient profile, it is also able to aid in better physical performance and muscular endurance, reducing fatigue overall.

Kola Nut: A nervine stimulant, Kola nut is able to promote energy levels through its content of caffeine and theobromine which also aid in circulation. It has additionally shown to boost the metabolic process, aid digestion, and have antibacterial activity in the body

Green Tea: Full of bioactive compounds, Green tea protects and prevents damage in the body. Containing caffeine, it can aid as a stimulant to the nervous system to improve brain function, increase fat burning, and improve sustained energy levels.

Eleuthero: A phenomenal adaptogenic tonic for the body, therefore regulating the effects that the caffeine-containing herbs above have on the nervous and adrenal systems. It increases natural energy levels, maintains and aids in building healthy muscular endurance, manages stress, and promotes vitality.

Cacao: Rich in nutrients, antioxidants, and minerals. Cacao protects the cardiovascular system, nervous system, and brain. It improves brain functioning and aids in the management and treatment of mood disorders. Containing Theobromine, it aids in regulating natural energy levels throughout the day.

Try the Energy Tincture and feel the difference.



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