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Freedom Farm Fire Juice is a:

Probiotic flowering enhancer

100% Organic liquid flowering supplement for Cannabis plants as well as ornamental flowers. The main source of Phosphate and Calcium is bone meal which is released through microbial solubilization during a three-month heated fermentation process. Humic and fulvic acids are added during the process to aid in the solubilization, stabilisation, mobility, and availability of Phosphate and Calcium in the final product. Fire Juice therefore also contains high amounts of beneficial microorganisms and their beneficial PGR (plant growth regulator) by-products.

Soil Application

A luxury amount of Phosphate and other growth-enhancing molecules is added with 1-2 ml/L once a week during flowering without any risk of burn. The first dose can be applied in the week prior to the onset of flowering and the last dose 2 weeks before harvest. Combine with your general vegetative nutrient regime.

Caution: Due to the high amount of plant available phosphate it is important to keep to the recommended dosage to avoid phosphate burn.

Ingredients: Bonemeal, Probiotics, Bokashi, food-grade Molasses, Humic acid, Fulvic acid, kelp, fish hydrolysate

Freedom Farm Fire Juice - 500ml Organic fermented nutrients.


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