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Freedom Farm Probiotics 1L - Organic Fermented Nutrients.

Plant & soil beneficial microorganisms

Fermented probiotic liquid cultured through a 3-week heated fermentation process using pure mother stock of Effective Microorganisms (EM-1). Pure molasses is used as the main microbial food source to obtain maximal populations of active beneficial microbes and the PGR (plant growth regulator) by-products they release. Lactic acid dominant microbes (Probiotics) can be applied as a foliar spray to disrupt leaf surface conditions required for Powdery mildew infection.

All microbes listed are naturally occurring Microorganisms (GMO-free), safety class 1 (non-harmful for humans, animals, and environment). This product is considered a bio-stimulant and soil conditioner.

Uses Ideal for soil application and foliar spray. The Freedom Farm Probiotics - 1l is a must-have in your gardening supplies.

Soil Application:

Assists in breaking down organic fertilisers such as fish hydrolysate and molasses-based plant fertilisers. Dosage can range from anything between 1ml – 10ml per litre of water.

1 – 3 ml/L water as a pH correction (lowering pH) depending on the initial level of water alkalinity.

2-4 ml per L of water once or twice per week for soil microbial maintenance.

5 – 10 ml per L water, 2 – 3 applications per week to re-populate severely deprived soil or rejuvenate used raised soil beds for the follow-up crop

Foliar application

2 ml/L water to prevent or lower the incidence of foliar infection of powdery mildew. Best pest management results are obtained if applied in conjunction with other preventative foliar sprays. Can be applied weekly during vegetative and flowering stages.

It's time you switched to Freedom Farms Probiotics - 1L for maximum plant health and yield.


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