Garden HighPro ProHygro Medium


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The Garden HighPro ProHygro Medium is a handy indoor thermo hygrometer that measures the temperature and relative humidity of the air around it, as well as having an additional temperature probe, for measuring temperature elsewhere. (E.g: If your main unit is inside a grow tent, you can install the probe on the outside of the tent to measure the temperature there). This additional temperature probe is not waterproof and is not to be used where it could get wet.

Let the Garden HighPro ProHygro Medium help you to monitor your indoor grow environment, so that you can create the ideal environment for your plants.

The unit also stores the maximum temperate reached since the last reset, for your reference.

Indoor Thermometer with hygrometer, includes a battery (1 x AAA)
Accuracy ±1º C, RH ±5%
Relative Humidity range 25% RH to 90%
Temperature range: 0º – 50º / 32º – 122º F

Length of external temperature probe wire = 1.5m


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