Jeweller’s Loupe for Cannabis


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Jeweller's Loupe for Cannabis is an essential item for Cannabis growers. Any cannabis grower who has made it through the flowering stage knows that waiting for the right time to harvest can be a major test of a grower’s patience, and it can be hard to know when is the best time. This is where learning to use a microscope or magnifier to examine trichomes comes in.

Trichome method: Trichomes are the “glitter” on buds. When most of the trichomes appear cloudy-white under a microscope, the harvest window is open. While this method isn’t perfect, in my opinion, it’s the best thing we have right now by far. The downside to this increased accuracy(and yields/potency) is that you need more than just your eyeballs to observe trichomes because they’re so tiny!

These Jeweller's Loupes for Cannabis boast a 40x Zoom & LED to illuminate pests or trichomes.

Batteries not Included.


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