Sleep Tincture

Sleep is one of the most important factors to consider in maintaining an overall healthy body and mind – it is during this time that our organs replenish themselves, our brain refreshes, and our cells regenerate. This is why ensuring that the quality of sleep we get is sufficient to support our health overall – this blend allows for deeper relaxation and can even induce drowsiness before bedtime. 

  1. Aids in maintaining a healthy circadian rhythm
  2. Treats sleeplessness and insomnia
  3. Reduces stress and anxiety levels
  4. Cognitive support
  5. Anti-inflammatory


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Sleep Tincture contains:

Valerian: This root contains a number of compounds that reduces levels of anxiety and promotes healthy sleep – interacting with GABA which regulates the nervous system. Valerian has been shown to aid in relaxation from mild to acute cases,  it has shown an outstanding ability to improve sleep quality, is an anti-inflammatory, high in antioxidants, and is a nervine tonic. 

Chamomile: High in antioxidants this well-loved sleep tonic supports digestion, promotes heart health and protects against cellular damage. Chamomile has been shown to overall improve the quality of one's sleep, it improves digestive health (therefore helping in the management of neurochemicals that signal waking and sleeping hours), controls blood sugar levels, reduces anxiety and stress, and even plays a role in preventing osteoporosis.  

Lavender: Shown to improve mood and calm the mind, including reducing levels of fatigue and depression. Numerous studies have shown that when used to promote sleep and treat insomnia and related disorders, it has aided, through long-term use, to ensure one falls asleep quicker. 

Hops: Used throughout Europe as sleep medicine, modern findings have shown that Hops have sedating effects. On their own Hops have shown tremendous ability to aid in promoting sleep however when used with Valerian, there is a notable increase in both of their abilities to relieve sleep and anxiety disorders.

Passion flowers: A nervine relaxant, these beautiful flowers interact with GABA which aid in lowering brain activity and therefore promotes relaxation and better sleep. As an anti-anxiety, it shows amazing results in being able to prevent the onset of anxiety and interact with levels of cortisol. It has additionally been shown to soothe the stomach.

30ml Glass Bottle with Pipette.  Time to try our all-natural Sleep Tincture!

Sleep Tincture




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